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JULY 25 & 26, 2014
9:00AM - 4:00PM



2014 Schedule

Profit Potential Through Education

*times and topics subject to change

New for 2014 Most sessions are now in a open forum format and designed for live Q&A with a panel of experts, giving you the opportunity to ask specific questions and receive answers from industry leaders who are the most qualified to speak on those topics.

Friday, July 25


Expedited Trucking: Opportunities for Individuals, Teams & Small Businesses

Live Forum Discussion
Franklin room

Moderator: John Mueller, Premium Transportation Logistics; Tom & Tina Evans, O/O

If you’re considering a career in expedited trucking, this workshop is for you. Find out how you can take charge of your future and capitalize on lucrative opportunities the industry has to offer. Learn from those who’ll share their personal experiences as expedite drivers to give you real-world insights into what it takes to thrive in this rapidly growing trucking sector.


Q&A with Anne Ferro

Hall A

Moderator: Tom Balzer, OTA President; Anne Ferro, FMCSA

You have questions; Anne Ferro with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has answers. Join us as Administrator Ferro updates you on what lies ahead for the trucking industry and fields your questions.  Dig deeper into the latest rulings and proposals that impact your business by asking questions of the person who helps drive those decisions.


Market Trends and Forecasts for the Expedite Transportation Industry
Stuart Sutton, President, Sylectus, a division of GSPNet Technologies
 Hamilton room

What are the latest trends in expedite transportation – and how will they affect your business? Join Stu Sutton with Sylectus, a provider of cloud-based technology that empowers over 200 expedited trucking companies to run their operations more profitably, as he peers into his crystal ball. He’ll cover over nine years of industry data and share his thoughts on what trends to look for over the next 6 to 12 months – to help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities.


Managing Your Expedite Business
Live Forum discussion
 Hamilton room

Richard DeForest, ATBS; Steve Kochensparger, Expediter Services

Being a great driver is just part of the equation; you also need to know how to effectively manage the business side of things to achieve long-term success in expediting. This session will equip you with the business know-how you need to avoid common mistakes and take advantage of the opportunities in expedited trucking to maximize your income potential.


Growing Your Business Through Networking
Pre registration is required
 Franklin room

Moderator: Stu Sutton, Sylectus

This session is for motor carriers, industry suppliers, shippers and manufacturers ONLY. We leave nothing to chance. At this event, you’re guaranteed to meet and talk to at least 25 new contacts within an hour. The idea is that within a few minutes of talking to someone you’ll be able to quickly assess whether there’s opportunity to do business with that person. So, join us to build your network … and your bottom line.             REGISTRATION FORM FOR THIS SESSION IS LOCATED HERE.


Making Truck Driver Retention a Priority
 Hamilton room

Jerry Hayes, National Truckin’ Magazine  

What does it cost when you lose a driver? Who exactly is the “American Truck Driver” and how do we keep them happy? In this session, learn the 10 keys to a successful retention program so you can attract and keep more drivers – and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Saturday, July 26


Ask the Experts Forum
Live Forum Discussion
 Hamilton room

Karen Piccolomini,TA/Petro; Homer Hogg, TA/Petro; Maxwell Technologies, Inc; Steve Smith, SmartTruck Systems

Hear from industry experts about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in truck maintenance, fuel, tires, idling and driving. If you have questions on these topics, this is the place to get the answers you’re looking for.

10:00am Legislative & Legal Issues
Live Forum discussion
  Franklin room

Irwin Shires, Panther; Terry O'Connell, FedEx Custom Critical; John Mueller, Premium Transportation Logistics; Milan Orbovich, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; Henry Seaton, TEANA

Get informed on the latest details of the CSA safety scoring system and how it will affect you and your business!

Henry Seaton, TEANA Lead Counsel who has spearheaded the lawsuit against the FMCSA, will lead a panel discussion and Q&A session on the concerns and potential impacts of CSA. Joining Mr. Seaton on the panel will be Terry O'Connell, Field Safety Liaison for FedEx Custom Critical; Irwin Shires, Government Qualification Coordinator for Panther Premium Logistics;Milan Orbovich Director of Transportation Dept at Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; and John Mueller, Expediters Online Moderator and President of Safety and Recruiting with Premium Transportation Logistics. So, come prepared with your questions and concerns. This is your chance for your voice to be heard.


What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Truck
Live Forum discussion
 Hamilton room

Moderator: John Lalonde, Fyda Freightliner of Columbus; Wes Hearn, Middle GA Freightliner; Josh Swindoll, Expediter Services 

How do you spec a truck that best suits your expedite operation – and budget? What are the financing options available to you? What are the key factors to consider before making the purchase? This session will walk you through the selection and financing processes to help you make the best decision for your business.

12:00pm Women in Trucking
Ellen Voie, Women in Trucking, Inc.
 Franklin room

Join Women In Trucking's Ellen Voie as she leads a round table discussion with professional female drivers who offer their insights on how to find success in the expediting industry.  Topics such as; What makes you feel valued by your carrier? Do you think you can make more money at another carrier? You never know how it's going to turn out, but that's what makes it fun!

Keys to Being a Successful Owner Operator
Live Forum discussion
Hamilton room

Richard DeForest, ATBS; Bob & Linda Caffee, O/O; Tom & Tina Evans, O/O

Are you ready to take the plunge and become an owner operator? What do you need to know to increase your odds of success? Come hear from speakers who are living their dream as owner operators to give you a glimpse into the possibilities and advice on what you need to succeed as your own boss.


What is VOI?
Shelly Benisch, CIS; TEANA
Franklin room

Recent unpaid claims in the expediting community have lead to the implementation of teh "best practices" for verification of insurance (VOI) to minimize risk exposure.  And load providers (brokers and shippers) are developing their own "Gold Tier" and "Platinum Tier" standards for motor carriers based on VOI certifications.  How does this impact YOU, the owner operator? This workshop will unpack what you need to know about VOI and how you can benefit from it.


How to Be a Healthy Trucker
Live Forum discussion Buck Black,; John Drury, The Dancing Trucker; Jennifer Marcu, driver
Hamilton room

Our panel will discuss stress management, healthy habits of healthy truckers, and where to find a place to exercise.  Participate in the Q& A to get your questions answered!