July 20 & 21, 2018


Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY       

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Driver Appreciation BBQ

Saturday, July 21 @ 3:30pm - NEW TIME

Join us this year for our annual ExpeditersOnline Driver's BBQ, this year we are offering a whole hog roast! Bring a chair and join us for a great meal.

Dinner will begin at 3:30pm following the close of the Expo.

Porky's Pickle BBQ Catering will arrive 1 hour before the event with a smoking pit. They will give you time to check out & photograph the hog. They then perform the traditional "Kissin' of the Hog Nose for luck" ritual. Also a talk on "The history of BBQ in America" and then they carve the hog while teaching you "Anatomy of a Hog 101" all while providing succulent, juicy meat samples, drenched in your choice of sauces. The whole experience is educational as well as entertaining.

Forum members join us for a meet up at the BBQ!
Proceeds from the cookout will be donated to St. Christopher's Fund.