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What To Expect At Expedite Expo

The Expedite Expo, now in it's 18th straight year of being the only exclusively expediting-oriented trade show in the world, has so much to offer whether you are an industry veteran or a rookie just looking at getting your first truck. We are happy to once again have Expediter Services as our title sponsor. Don't be intimidated by our long history; the show is very accessible, and even designed, to be attended by people from all walks of their career. We've created this handy guide so that you know what to expect if you've never been before, or even if it's been a few years since you've attended and you need a reminder on how it works. Remember this: people rarely utilize all of the great resources available to them at the Expedite Expo. Follow this guide, and hopefully you'll get even more out of your visit.

Step 1: Learn About Expediting

This may not apply to you if you're already an expediter, but if you're entirely new to expediting it would be a great idea to read up a bit on the entire industry if you're new. That way, you won't waste precious time at the Expedite Expo just trying to wrap your head around how it all works. ExpeditersOnline.com is the best resource on getting up to speed – from the populated, bustling forums to the driver blogs and news, there's simply no better place to get caught up with the latest happenings and make your start as a driver.

Step 2: Plan Ahead

There's a lot to see and do. But if you go in without a plan, you'll inevitably miss things that would've been helpful for you. Explore our website, read about the events, decide on a few workshops you want to attend, plan on seeing a few specific carriers or dealers, and of course your accomodations. Big hint here on the hotel part: they're almost always short on rooms. Never assume that you'll be able to just walk in and get a room, because chances are you won't. Buy ahead or have a backup plan.

Step 3: Make The Most Of It

The day is finally here –  you've got your notes, a lot of thoughts, and even more questions. Make sure to consult the agenda and grab a show directory from the front, both vital tools to navigating the days efficiently. The days can be long and exhausting at a trade show so pace yourself, but try to achieve everything you set out to do. Interested in a company, or a specific person at that company? Go out of your way to make sure it happens. Make contacts that will help you later down the road. Meet other expediters who can give you real advice. We've got a tightly-knit community. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can, and make an impression on other people. If you've been going at it for two whole days, you'll be about ready to call it a day at 2pm on Saturday, but make sure to give your checklist another run-through so that you don't miss any opportunities.

Step 4: Follow Through

You're back home with a bag full of brochures, business cards and an unhealthy amount of candy. What happens now is up to you. If you made the right steps, you'll have invaluable information from the workshops, amazing prospects from the contacts you made, and as up-to-the-minute information about our industry as you can get. If this looks like a career path you want to take, or you want to improve your already-existing career, everything from here is up to you. Keep in contact with the people you met. Make conscious notes to apply what you learned. It's only too easy to let things slide until it's pointless history. Head on over to ExpeditersOnline.com when it's over to share your experience and join the community.

We hope you have a great Expedite Expo this year! See you there!

Here's Some Can't-Miss Events

To get you started, here are a few events you should check out.

Sessions on show floor –  booth # will offer level 1 mid-trip inspections by Kentucky State Police.

Casino Night, Friday 7-10pm. No losers at this event, you are provided chips to play with and there are TONS of prized to be won! Sponsored by CIS

Hog Roast – Join us on Saturday for our annual ExpeditersOnline Driver's BBQ, this year we are offering a whole hog roast! Dinner will begin at 3:30pm following the close of the Expo.